Preserving “The Burton Family Connection”

As many of you remember, we had a Burton site on for many years.  We have continued to pay for it although no one has accessed it for four or five years.  We had some great conversations and there were many photos published of babies, growing children, weddings, graduations, and historic photos. MyFamily is closing on 30 September 2014, but they sent me an opportunity to download our content.  I think I have done that.  At least, I know I have downloaded the photos.  I’m hoping some of our great conversations are there or that I can still recover them.

One of my online genealogy advisors suggested that we use as a place to put those photos and the other history so that it will be archived into the future. That’s what this site is for, storing all that was on “The Burton Connection.”  I don’t anticipate that we’ll add to it, but we’ll see what family members think.  It will be password protected and only family members will be able to see it.